Sunday, April 1, 2012

10,000 listed vacation rentals on Domegos!

We did it. We are finally counting now more than 10,000 listed vacation rentals on our Domegos network sites!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We reached the 5,000

Today we accepted the 5,000th vacation rental to be listed on Domegos free of charge. We are continuing our fast growth and are planning to double our rental portfolio within 12 months.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Domegos BETA Version Launched!

Domegos becomes BETA! We released the long awaited BETA version with many improvements and new features. In the next weeks I will point out each improvement with a dedicated post.

For now I will just summarize the highlights of the BETA launch:
  • New fresh design and new logo
  • Improvement of our free listing service offering:
    • new drag & drop photo upload and management tool
    • 17+ photos (instead of 14+)
    • synchronisation with Homeaway Connect availability calendar
  • Improvement of our website creation service
    • function to upload unlimited additional pages with easy-to-use page builder
    • new website template
    • ability to insert Google Analytics code or other statistics code
  • New country sites reaching more travelers
    • (France)
    • (Spain)
    • (New Zealand)
    • (South Africa)
    • (Switzerland)
  • Website translated in two more languages:
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Each property is listed on 6 partner sites including, AOL travel,,, and
  • Optional upgrade of your FREE listing to a Premium listing, which includes the following benefits:
    • PREFERRED ranking in search results
    • NO advertisements on your listing
    • LINK to your own website
    • FULL contact details shown on your listing
  • and many further improvements
Thank you to all our ALPHA version users, and enjoy using our improved BETA version! We will of course continue to improving our site and continuously add new powerful functions!

Please let us know how you like the new BETA version. Your opinion is important to us! Thanks.

Click here to read our press release of the BETA launch:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Domegos Update Released - Various Website Improvements

It's been quite a while since the last post, but we kept us busy with improving Domegos and have been working on an Update, which we released today. For the update we improved the user review system, the login procedure, the listing page (the tabs in the listing page do not require the page to load anymore), listing features (e.g. we added an optional function that allows owners not to display their address on the listing) and many other things.

We continue to improve Domegos and already started working on the next update.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Domegos Country Network Explained

Domegos is a truly global website project. Currently, our country network consists of:
            • Targeted at U.S. renters and the Rest of the World
            • Targeted at renters from the UK
            • Targeted at German users
            • Targeted at Austrian users
            • Targeted at Italian users
            • and many more countries are to be added soon this year ...
How do property owners benefit from this?

If you list your vacation rental on, your listing will automatically appear on all other country network sites - also for free of course ;) .

Also, there is only one listing management system. Hence, every change you make on your listing will be automatically updated on all country network sites, as soon as you click the save button. Yes, as easy as that.

It is also self-explanatory that with this integrated country network we can strongly leverage the marketing of your vacation rental.

How do renters benefit from this?

Renters benefit from our country network that each website is localized to their culture (language, currency, destinations, etc.). Also they have greater choice of properties than other sites, as they also find listings, that would not have been listed, say on an English speaking website (such as is the case with many German vacation rentals for example). Domegos is a one-stop venue for vacation rentals for all around the world.

The internet has made global integration easier, and we seek to utilize it to the benefit of our users .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 released!

Bella Italia! We're proud to announce the official release of the Italian version of Domegos. At, now everybody is able to use our great service in Italian language. We welcome all Italian renters and vacation rental owners to use our free service. The release reinforces our philosophy of being a truly local AND global website. will help us achieve our challenging goal to become the world's largest vacation rental directory.

Here's our press release of the launch of (in Italian only).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 released

The Austrian version of Domegos is online! You can access it over

We hope to grow our vacation rental database with many ski chalets and vacation homes from lovely Austria.